Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The honeymoon and getting settled.

So I'm back from the honeymoon in Naples, Fl (no, not Italy).  It was a great week with the weather and temperature about as perfect as you can get for end of July in Florida.  I was told (without me evening having to ask) that my fly rod would not be allowed on our honeymoon.  I didn't put up a fight knowing that I don't want to start out the marriage on the wrong foot.  Not going to lie though, there were several instances where I was biting at the bit to run down to the Naples fly shop and by an 8 wt.  On that subject, Mangrove Outfitters is a very nice fly shop and I did drop some money on there fly tying section.  One of the best fly tying material shops I have been to in the south.  Owner was very friendly and will hopefully be back armed with a fly rod in hand.  Enough chat, here are some pictures.

The Resort:

Our Resort

Twenty feet from the hotel to the beach.

Some of the activities:

So what, I consider napping an activity.


Yes, I did get crabs on my honeymoon (pun intended)

Lots of this!

Sunsets and random pics:

That there is an awesome dolphin shot.

Florida Fighing Conch. 

Huge moth.
Got back to Virginia on a Friday and spent all Saturday and Sunday getting settled in.

Yes I did claim a section of our room.

Messing around with material I got in Florida.

My wife's (still not use to saying wife) dog also claimed a part of the couch.

Feels good to be back.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations. You do know now you have to teach your "wife" to fish. For some of us there is nothing better than the hunt of something to buy and that could include fly tying materials .

    1. Thanks. And she did encourage me to spend some money at the fly shop, so that is good. As far as teaching her how to fish, I have before and she is more content with tagging along and bringing a book.

  2. Congratulations! If I woulda known I woulda snuck down and loaned you an 8 wt for the week, snook have been cruisin the surf! Looks like you've got an awesome wife and an awesome life ahead of you though!

    1. I know, it killed me not having my fly rod. I saw one snook that was in the ten to fifteen lb range. Oh well, I'm sure I'll be back. I really like it down there and so does the wife, so a trip next year may be due.