Saturday, November 12, 2011

Char Morning Trip

Decided to hit two new to me streams and then I had a back up stream that I knew was good just incase the first two were a bust.  Here is my quick rant, VIRGINIA RESIDENTS, YOU SUCK! QUIT POSTING EVERY SINGLE STREAM!

Don't know why or how people are allowed to buy so much property in national forests.  Somebody bought a whole top half of a stream and the road so no one can get to the stream.

Well enough talking, here's the pics from today.

It was a pretty rocky stream

Lunch for the afternoon

Big trout of the day.  I missed a hook up with this trout on a dry, and couldn't get him to rise again.  I tied on a pink weenie and he nailed it on the first cast.

Same brookie, different angle.  He was a skinny little guy, but had a lot of color on him.

Caught this brook trout, and decided to call it a day.  Wasn't even planning on fishing today, and didn't want to get too run down considering I did just have the flu.

The trout from above swimming away.

Thanks for reading and more to come soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Engagement, Golf Course Streams, and Red Wigglers

The last week has been loaded full of changes and weirdness.  Leaves are changing, I got engaged (which is a big change), I fished a stocked stream that runs through a redneck golf course, and I met a guy who tried to get me to put a red wiggler on my fly I was fishing.

I'll skip me getting engaged on Saturday and go on to the golf course stream.  Long story short, I had someone tell me about a golf course ten minutes from me that stocks their stream with trout.  Well I got there and the guy was nice, and told me they haven't stocked it yet this season but there are some holdover trout from last season in there.  Here was my big catch of the day.

Well that was Tuesday, and today I decided to do some real trout fishing.  Shortly after I get to my stream, a spray painted camo Jeep Cherokee comes up the rough trail and starts making camp.  I had to fish right past him, so I figured I'd be friendly and chat a bit.  The guy ended up being very friendly (never know what you'll run into on a blueline during the week).  He asked me what I was fishing with and proceeded to say that I should be using a red wiggler..... He saw my confusion and went to his cooler and pulled out a can of night crawlers.  Told me to put it on my fly and it'll drive the brookies wild.  I took it out of courtesy (and he had a gun).  He said he was up there for 2 months for some hunting and fishing.  Was worried when he pulled out the "red wiggler" that he was a poacher, but he's not.  He showed me a picture of a 15 inch brookie he caught last year from the stream and said he's strictly catch and release.  Said he calls the warden all the time on poachers, so that made me relieved.   Enough rambling and on to the pictures! 

Big trout of the day.  He was a beast and put a nice bend in the fly rod!

Most brookies were this size.

Small Brookie of the day.

Thanks for reading!