Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kicking off the New Year

This past Saturday I fished a stream my friend has been eyeballing on the map for a while.  It is a bushwhack in and bushwhack out kind of stream, but is only a quarter of a mile from the BRP.  Unfortunately it is a 700 ft elevation loss in the hike in and a 500 ft elevation gain on the hike out.  I did not know those last few details as my friend had worked out all the details for this trip and I was just tagging along.  It was a heck of a hike off that stream and my friend and I barely made it out (him more so then I).  Still was a great day to get out though and catch some trout in a stream that, for obvious reasons looking back, receives little pressure.

Hike in

Water conditions were perfect with all this rain we have received.

Coffee break.

Coffee and some Pumpkin Pie.

A bigger girl.

And the next pool had and an even bigger girl.  A very nice fish for this size stream.

Something couldn't make it off this stream.

Ice was a reminder that it is winter finally.

Painful hike out.

Friend recovering after making it off the side of the mountain.