Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Quick break from Yard work

I had a couple hours to kill this past Saturday when my wife went to a wedding shower.  I had been working on some yard work/landscaping all morning and decided I needed to take a break and hit a local trout stream.  I've been more and more impressed with this stream each time I fish it.  I lost one brookie that was in the 10 to 11 inch range.  It was one of those days where the trout couldn't be kept off the hook and the fish were very forgiving.  I had a few trout rise 5 times or more to the same fly before being caught. 

Had to turn this neglected flower bed.

Into this.  Plus about 5 other areas like this.

One of my favorite drives.

Neat dark brookie.

Flowers pooping up.

Took about 10 brook trout from this one pool. They weren't spooked at all.

Then it was back to planting, mulching, and school work, but my mind was still on the fishing.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Trout Stream Exploring

Got a call from a friend saying he was going to Harrisonburg for business and wanted to know if I wanted to meet him along the way and fish.  Figuring I would need a much needed break today due to end of the month accounting work I'd be doing on the 31st and needed a break from MBA work, I gladly agreed to take off work.  Goal was to fish stream 1 which was new to me, but on my stream hit list for a while now.  Had a back up stream I knew had trout in it, but never fished, just incase stream 1 was a bust. 
Stream 1 we had to bushwhack around a big property at the end of the road in order to get to the stream.  Stream ended up having brookies, but far and few in-between.  Aaron caught one that was about 6 inches, and I caught one that was about 2 inches.  We saw hardly any bug life at all in the stream as well.

Old logging bridge.

Property we had to bushwhack around.

Fun hiking conditions to the stream.

Anyone shave a deer lately?  No skin or bones, just a lot of deer hair.

Example of the size brookies in Stream 1.

After staying with stream 1 for a couple hours, we saw no sign of conditions of the stream improving.  We decided to bail and hit the back up stream.  Stream two was much better to us.  Always good to have a back up plan while exploring.  Most of the trout caught were caught on dries.  Spring is upon us guys.

Remnants of a controlled forest burn.

Water conditions were perfect.

Not a bad way to spend an April Fools day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter Scouting

Did a little winter scouting last Saturday in an section of Virginia mountains I have gone over on a map, but yet to explore.  I checked out three streams and it's tribs on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised.  I don't think there are going to be many 10 plus inch brookies pulled from these streams, but that isn't always what fishing is about.  Pretty streams these mountains hold.  One of the smaller streams I had a 10 inch brookie follow the nymph out of the deep pool he was sitting in.  I has in the tailout of the pool and the brookie took a swipe two feet from my feet.  I lift  the rod but the trout missed had the fly.  The trout just sat there holding off the bottom right under my nose in calm water.  I gently, while holding still, roll cast my fly back in front of him and he spooked back into his pool.  I thought he had saw me and now would be lock jawed.  I made another cast to the top of the pool and that same trout took the fly.  Can't believe he still ate after all that.  I unfortunately lost him after a short fight, but had him hooked long enough to see it was the same brookie.  Here are some pictures from the different streams.

Some snake skin

Probably the neatest rock wall I've seen and only one I've seen on a brookie stream.  I would love to know the history behind this.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brookies Do Eat During Winter

I was beginning to doubt brook trout eat in the winter.  Past couple trips have been rough catching wise.  I was planning on using last Saturday as a day to explore a new brookie stream, but changed my mind on the drive. I hit a stream that has produced well for me in the past, but also had other options close by just incase the trout decided to be lockjawed that day.  Glad I did because the fishing was slow on Stream A.  I managed to catch three brookies, but they were glued to the bottom and had to be worked hard for.

I thought at first this was a bear, but after talking to some people, seems like a Pileated Woodpecker was the culprit. Destructive little birds they are.

Decided to head to Stream B and see if it was fishing any better.  It was a little bigger of a stream, and while it gets a lot more pressure, it tends to hold bigger fish.  Stream B brookies were a lot more willing to play.

Stream B

Lunch: Pita Bread and Summer Sausage.

Better trout of the day.

I think this was man made.

Glad to finally hit a stream on a day where the trout are active.  While I enjoy just being out in God's country, I do occasionally like to catch fish.  Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Winter Skunkage

It's been a while since I've been skunked trout fishing.  Usually I can dredge up a few trout no matter what the conditions are.  Fished a stream that has been good to me in the past and I think the 2.5 ft of snow and brutally cold water temps were just too much.  Didn't see any trout.  I also have a new hated outdoor activity.....hiking in snow.  There is no graceful way to hike in over 2 ft of snow.  Hidden rocks/logs under the snow make for great tripping obstacles.  Looks like from foot prints that one guy fished it yesterday.  From what I can tell he got in the river at the parking lot, fished a hundred yards, said forget it, and hiked out.  I am more thick headed than that though and spent all day out there.  Still just a nice day to be out on a pretty stretch of water.  It isn't always about the fish.

Baldface Hornet Nest

Little black stoneflies were every where.

Dead doe.  Didn't see a gun shot wound.  Starve to death?

Fritter and coffee to end the day.

Thanks for reading.