Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Quick Stream Water Level Scouting

Had a few hours to kill this past Sunday afternoon and decided to check out what the stream levels in the small streams were like.  It had been really dry up until a few weeks ago and we have received well over 6 inches of rain in some areas in that span.  I have a trip planned in a few weeks to come, and wanted to get an idea of how much water the mountains have been receiving and what the water levels were at.  VA is doing well on the water department right now.  Stream I fished was the highest I have fished it, and I managed to also dredge up one of the better brookies I have ever caught from this drainage.  Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Garter Snake making an appearance.

Signs of fall.

Lots of water pumping.

Fattie from the stream.

All the rain that we have received was not from Hurricane Matthew, but a different front that was moving from the northwest.  We did though receive a lot of wind from Hurricane Matthew following the front that moved through and as a result there is a lot of new downed trees on roads, in stream, and on trails. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Jackson River Low Water Float

This past weekend I had a few Sunday but the lack of rain has really limited fishing options in Virginia.  It was either wade for some smallies or test out my  buddy's new to him Bi Yak on the tailwater.  The Jackson River was even low at 220 cfs, but we decided to give it a go anyways knowing there would be lots of dragging and bumping down the river.  Fishing was slow as we found out that the lake above was turning over, but fish were caught and a good time was had by all.  It started out as a 3 man float but we ditched one of the guys shortly after our voyage due to the skinny water and finding out the 3 man bi yak is really a 2 man bi yak when the 3 men are not the size of midgets. 

Running the shuttle.

Lunch break.

One of the nicer browns from the day.

Ditching the vagabond.

Coffee break.

It was great getting out and catching a few trout, but I think next time we fish this river, we'll pick a day when there is a little more water.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rainy, Cool Summer Brookie Trip

It has been a very odd August.  We had a very dry, hot stretch from June thru Mid July, but the end of July and August has been extremely rainy and pretty mild temps.  A few days snuck down to the low 70's.  I had a small break last Sunday to hit a close by brookie stream and it treated me very well.  Probably the best it has fished in a long time.  All the trout came on a size 12 stimi and it was almost like I could not keep them off the hook.  That was a good problem to have.

Big Brookie of the trip was the second fish I caught for the day.

Odd red crawfish.  This was not the red crawfish stream either.

Eager little guy taking a size 12.

Couldn't of asked for better water levels.

Some coffee for the road.

Came around a corner and there was a family of deer standing in the road.  Lucky for them and me I wasn't in a hurry.

It was nice to take advantage of the cool weather.  Keep doing that rain dance whoever it is that is dancing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Study Break - July Brookies

It is a rarity that we can still fish for brook trout in mid July in VA.  Usually by June, we have to leave the brookies alone for the rest of summer due to water levels being too low and temps being too high.  But this summer has been especially wet and cool.  Had the family out of town so I called up a friend and we hit a trout stream I enjoy a chance to fish whenever I can.  There were a few pools with sulking trout in it, but fish were caught on dries and a good time was had.

A few rainbows managed to make their way into this stream as of recent years.

Old rickety bridge.

Got caught in a quick thunderstorm that was much appreciated.  It was starting to get warm.

Fishing picked back up after the rain.

Plenty of blackberries for the walk back to the car.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

2016 Cicada Hatch - Carp

Man have I been busy.  It has been killing me this month knowing there was a 17 year cicada hatch going on at Lake Moomaw and all my friends were catching carp with out me.  Like 40 to 50 carp a day.  So I finally managed to make a trip out there and the carp are all out of whack.  I honestly think it was a mixture of it being towards the end of the hatch and all the boaters out on the lake that day, but we still put a few carp in the boat and had a good time with friends.

See you again Mr. Cicada in 2033!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Second Breakfast

I hit a stream that has been on my radar for a while but have not yet had a chance to fish it.  This stream is an odd one as it has some grey property/national forest issues.  Bottom of the stream is private land, but there are National Forest markers on the tree.  Best I can tell is the Forest Service has a small sliver of land going up to their fire road that follows the stream.  I think the land owner thinks he owns it all and has run barbed wire across the stream and trees into National Forest land in several different spots.  If it has National Forest markers on the trees, it is fair game in my books.

Example of the Barbwire and National Forest Marker.

Dry/Dropper double.

Was not expecting a falls this big on the stream.  Nice Surprise.


Coffee and Sausage Biscuit Break

I did end up walking right into an unseen barbwire fence.  Was covered by some downed limbs and leaves.  Luckily I forgot my wading socks that day and had to wear my waders I had in my car.  I was very ungrateful sweating in those waders all day until I kicked that barbwire fence.