Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another Musky Fly Up For Sale

I put up another musky fly on my ebay page.  First fly has sold.  I put up flies as I tie them, and with a new baby in the house it will probably be sporadic. If you are interested, link is below.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

After Work Brookie Fix

After work yesterday, I decided I was due for a little time on the trout stream.  Virginia received a little bit of rain this past week and thought I'd check out a stream close by and see how it is holding up this summer.  Surprisingly, the stream levels were pretty good for the middle of summer.  The stream had a fairly big Stenacron hatch on it.

These mayflies were all over the place and had the trout looking up.  I have fished this stretch of water countless times and I can easily say this was the most trout I have ever caught from this stretch in a single session.  As soon as the dry fly hit the water the trout were on it and several were had in each pool and run. 

I also notice that I drive a whole lot slower on the way from a trout stream then I do to the trout. 

Some Monday dry fly therapy never hurt.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Jon Boat Changes

Did a little work on the boat this weekend.  My little underpowered outboard sits up to high above the bottom of the boat and the prop cavitating.

So I bought a set back bracket and installed it.  This bracket puts the prop below the bottom of the boat and back into some cleaner water.

Also removed the previous owners rod holders and added in some rod storage for the boat.

The trailer has been greased and new tires put on it as well.  The boat is ready for the fall musky bite.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Selling Musky Flies and Miscellaneous Flies and Materials.

Thought I'd take a moment to say I've decided to take selling my flies more seriously.  Mainly my musky flies as I do not see many on the market for sale like them.  Also be looking to see some body tubing I use for my flies to go up on there soon.  Here is a link to my first listing.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Wading for Smallies

Hit the James after work last  night for some smallies.  A couple people were fishing that stretch already, but my friend and I were still able to entice a few smallies.  Small and dinky they were.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Musky Fly, is it fall?

Sat down behind the bench and needed to tie up some trout flies to replenish some of my fly boxes, but I ended up tying a musky fly.

I can't wait for fall to arrive so I can chase the musky again.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Crawfishing on Work

Yesterday was a beautiful day, overcast and low 80's, we have had lots of rain, how could I not take half a day from work for some brookie fishing?  It was by far the best July trout fishing I've experienced.  Usually by this point in July, we have to hang up the small stream fishing in Virginia due to low water and risk of killing all the fish we catch due to warm stream temps and low oxygen levels in water.  That is not the case for this year however.  All the rain we have been getting has helped keep the window of small stream fishing open a little longer this July. 

I revisited the red crawfish stream.  It has been a while since I have fished this odd stream and I am reminded of why I should really fish this stream more.  I'll go ahead and address it now too, for some reason, this stream is chucked full of bright red crawfish.  Literally saw 200+ in the couple hours I fished.  I was told a few years back by a biologist that it is one of two streams in the southeast that produces bright red crawfish.  They think it has something to do with the mineral make up of the waters.  Quite wild though to see what looks like fully cooked crawfish crawling around the stream bed.

The Red Crawfish

They suck at hiding.

Two crawfish in background. 

Probably the most colorful brookie I've caught in a while.

Big brookie of the day.

Capped the day off with some fresh marked bacon and shrimp. The dog approved.

Bacon wrapped shrimp.
Sure beat work.