Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kicking off the New Year

This past Saturday I fished a stream my friend has been eyeballing on the map for a while.  It is a bushwhack in and bushwhack out kind of stream, but is only a quarter of a mile from the BRP.  Unfortunately it is a 700 ft elevation loss in the hike in and a 500 ft elevation gain on the hike out.  I did not know those last few details as my friend had worked out all the details for this trip and I was just tagging along.  It was a heck of a hike off that stream and my friend and I barely made it out (him more so then I).  Still was a great day to get out though and catch some trout in a stream that, for obvious reasons looking back, receives little pressure.

Hike in

Water conditions were perfect with all this rain we have received.

Coffee break.

Coffee and some Pumpkin Pie.

A bigger girl.

And the next pool had and an even bigger girl.  A very nice fish for this size stream.

Something couldn't make it off this stream.

Ice was a reminder that it is winter finally.

Painful hike out.

Friend recovering after making it off the side of the mountain.

Monday, December 28, 2015

December Post Christmas Brookies

Been a while since I've been out fishing.  Decembers are normally busy for me with Christmas festivities and other obligations, but throw in a new job, housing being up for sale, and a 6 month old and you get even busier.  But I managed to sneak away the day after Christmas.  With all this rain VA has been receiving I decided to hit something high elevation.  It rained most of the day Saturday and put my new Stetson to the test.  I was impressed with how the hat made it seem like it wasn't even raining out.

Managed to catch a few on a Stimi.  Guess a 70 degree December day will get the trout looking up.

New hat, what I was packing, and lunch. 

Managed to drudge up this pretty fish with a heavy tungsten fly.  Worked the pool first with and dry/dropper and pulled a few smaller fish.  Switched to the heavy stuff to see what was lurking on the bottom.

This little guy took a size 12 fly.....

Stream was up quite a bit.

Crazy to see anything green sprouting this time of year.

Coffee break.

Most colored up brookie of the trip.

Cheers until next time.

Friday, November 20, 2015

SNP Forced Brookie Trip

The ending to this year has been both exciting and hectic.  I recently started a new job which involves an hour and a half commute until my wife and I sell our house.  So between the baby, new job, and the house selling process I have been going full throttle.  This past weekend I decided to relax a little from the house work and do a day trip. 

The day started out slow and cold, but after the sun hit the hit the water for a little bit the fishing picked up.  Even caught a couple on the dry. 

Cold morning.

Small falls.

Big falls.

View from top of falls.  Big elevation change.

One of the few eating dries.

Widow maker.

Standard stream side lunch

Big brookie of the day.  Odd ball sitting in tail out and took the dry.  Most fish were at the heads of pools deep.

Old sawmill

It felt good to get out and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Musky Skunkage

I have been out a couple times chasing the musky in the rivers of Virginia.  Only had some action one day.  Hooked one that came unbuttoned before I could get him in the net and had another follow and an eat but he completely missed the fly.  Still great to get out on the river and enjoy a couple nice fall days.

Outboard runs a 100 times better with the set back bracket.

Foggy start one morning.

Can't beat fall, even if it does come with the smell of a skunk.