Friday, August 12, 2016

Rainy, Cool Summer Brookie Trip

It has been a very odd August.  We had a very dry, hot stretch from June thru Mid July, but the end of July and August has been extremely rainy and pretty mild temps.  A few days snuck down to the low 70's.  I had a small break last Sunday to hit a close by brookie stream and it treated me very well.  Probably the best it has fished in a long time.  All the trout came on a size 12 stimi and it was almost like I could not keep them off the hook.  That was a good problem to have.

Big Brookie of the trip was the second fish I caught for the day.

Odd red crawfish.  This was not the red crawfish stream either.

Eager little guy taking a size 12.

Couldn't of asked for better water levels.

Some coffee for the road.

Came around a corner and there was a family of deer standing in the road.  Lucky for them and me I wasn't in a hurry.

It was nice to take advantage of the cool weather.  Keep doing that rain dance whoever it is that is dancing.