Friday, September 30, 2011

Brookie TR

Finally able to post up a TR.  Managed to get out this morning for about 3 hours and hit a nearby brookie stream.  This stream gets hammered by people on the weekends, but since it was a Friday I thought I'd try my luck.

Stream temperature were chilly when I first started wet wading, but got better as it got closer to noon.  Water levels were still looking good from all that rain last week and the brookies were aggressive today.  I managed to catch a good amount, but most had no size to them.

I came to this pool above and it looks like TU or something came through and built this dam to create this really nice pool.  I was throwing a stimi and it got crushed by a 9 inch brook trout.  It wasn't so much the length, but the girth on this trout that amazed me.  Unfortunately as I was fumbling for the camera, he slipped out of my hands and shook out the hook.  Kinda disappointing that the big fish of the day came off without a picture, but oh well.  Here are some pictures from today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Brookie Stream

I call it my brookie stream since it is the stream that means the most to me here in Virginia.  It gets very little fishing pressure due to the difficulty to reach the stream and it is the stream where I caught my first wild brook trout and ultimately feel in love with bluelining.  I went out this morning with a guy I met and had a much needed day of wild brookies.  The water levels were just perfect from all the rain that hurricane Irene gave us and the good water levels also made the trout really active.  I brought 6 to hand and had countless hits and LDR's.  The guy I fished with caught 8.  We were only on the water for a couple hours, so we had good  numbers for the time spent. 

This brookie was the biggest I caught today and is a really good trout for this creek.  He was around 8 inches and really smashed my stimulater.  The brookies in this stream are really strong and meaty trout.  It's refreshing to see a stream do so well and the brook trout really thrive.  So enough of the talking, here are some pictures of the trout I caught, the stream, and some underwater shots.

Hope you all enjoyed and more bluelines to come soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rain+Dry Flies=Good morning

Don't have class till 3 so I decided to hit a pond before the rainy week begins.  Was able to fish from 10 to almost 1.  Rained pretty hard towards the end of my outing but the bass and panfish started slamming topwater flies so I toughed it out for another hour.

Notice the still water in this picture

And the not so still water in this picture

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I haven't posted up a report here in a while, so here are some pics from a couple local Lynchburg ponds I've hit up.

Nothing spectacular, but they are fish and enough to hold me over until syllabus shock is over and I get back in the routine of classes.

This is a picture of a back of a car that made my night!

And today I went down to the James river with my brother to fish a little and cook a few brats.   Made my first fire using a flint so that was a first for me.  Nothing big today at the James, but just wanted to get out and pester a few bass and gills with the fly rod.

The dreaded hike back to the jeep........Boy am I getting out of shape.  My freshman year in college when I still wrestled and was in shape this hike was nothing, but now that I'm in my senior year and have been out of wrestling for two years, I hate the hikes back.