Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

January LMB

I got bored Saturday so I figured I'd try my luck down at the pond for some crappie and bluegill.  Found out that a lot of small bass are hugging the shore line. It  was a nice surprise considering I've never caught a lmb in January.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Rare Winter Day

Bill bailed on the musky float so I ventured up north.  Probably was a good idea to fish for trout considering it was 70 degrees today.  Fished a weird brookie stream that is pretty much all riffles.  Didn't have very high expectations for the day seeing how different it was from my usual plunge pool streams, but I was sure wrong.

Came to a set of riffles that were about 4 inches deep and thought "this isn't even worth pulling my fly off my hook holder." I started to walk towards the riffles and figured what would it hurt to drift my fly a few times through it.  As soon as my fly hit the water, my line twitch and I set the hook.  Was rewarded with this big girl.

Don't really know how big it was considering I'm awful with guesstimations but it is the biggest wild brookie to date.

The day continued pretty much the same way all day.  Come up to riffles, try to figure out if/where I should cast in them, and then get lucky with fly placement.

About the average size for the day.

Lots of log jams making wading and casting fun.

Hike out was fun through this mess.

I love knocking down some cairns.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Musky Prep

Getting ready for a possible musky float on Saturday.

Got the box all loaded up.

Hopefully I'll have a picture of a musky with one of these flies hooked in it's jaws by this weekend...probably not though......

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ending 2012 with Trout

Thought I'd end 2012 with some trout so on December 31st I hit a brookie stream.  Va has had lots of rain and even some snow in the mountains.  I wasn't expecting the snow to still be there though. The first stream I fished for two hours and didn't even have a single hit.  The snow had also melted and froze back over in the night and it was about two inches of ice all on the ground.  Made hiking into the stream and out interesting.  I busted my tail several times.  I knew I had to be on a stream that was farther down the mountain.  Stream number two proved my thinking was right with a nice brookie in the first pool.  Glad my back up stream saved the trip.

Stream 1

Snow covered rocks made for fun wading.

Tiny black stoneflies were hatching.

Stream 2

Nothing huge but a very nice way to close out 2012.  Hope you all have a great 2013.