Sunday, February 26, 2012

Escaping the Wind

Wasn't really planning on fishing Saturday due to the 30 mph winds, but my fiancee wanted to do something today and I managed to talk her into going fishing with me.  I went to a black tie formal for her last night so she owed me one!  She just sat by the stream in one spot and played angry birds and read her kindle, works for me. Fished an eastern facing stream and the mountain blocked all the wind which was amazing.  Actually started sweating in my jacket and was in a t shirt the second half of the day.  

Fished for about two hours and managed to bring 8 to hand.  The fishing was good and hard to leave, but I didn't want to push my luck with my fiancee.  Missed about 6 and had one that was over ten inches that wiggled off as I lifted him out of the water.  

Only down part is right after I caught the brookie pictured above, this happened......

It's a bummer that it broke, but I've put some good abuse into it. Still have my little 6'6" brookie rod, but I've been liking using a longer rod for the small streams.  Oh well, that's life. 

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.