Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Study Break - July Brookies

It is a rarity that we can still fish for brook trout in mid July in VA.  Usually by June, we have to leave the brookies alone for the rest of summer due to water levels being too low and temps being too high.  But this summer has been especially wet and cool.  Had the family out of town so I called up a friend and we hit a trout stream I enjoy a chance to fish whenever I can.  There were a few pools with sulking trout in it, but fish were caught on dries and a good time was had.

A few rainbows managed to make their way into this stream as of recent years.

Old rickety bridge.

Got caught in a quick thunderstorm that was much appreciated.  It was starting to get warm.

Fishing picked back up after the rain.

Plenty of blackberries for the walk back to the car.