Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Musky Float

First off, thanks to the military servicemen who lost their lives serving the country and to all the people who have served in the military. 

Went on a musky float Monday and it was one of the oddest musky trips I've had.  Usually I can get a musky to eat a fly if it follows to the boat, and if it does peel off, odds are if you get another follow to the boat it will eat.  I usually will mess up the hook set or screw up on my part some how, but Monday we had 5 follows from 5 different fish and could not get them to commit to an eat.  One fish just hung out beside the boat and I switched flies 4 times and figured eight the fly in front of him with each fly.  Still a fun day on the river and getting the shaky legs seeing a big musky stalk your fly.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Restocking a Couple Musky Flies

It is always hurt breaking when you lose a musky fly.  It's like kissing an hour of your time and $20 down the drain.  I lost a couple flies in the last couple outings and decided to restock with what seems to be working for me.  A few flies from this weekend's tying.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Second Musky of the Year.

Been a rough week.  The dog got some poisoning of some sort.  She has drooled profusely and slept 24/7 for 5 days, which resulted on her getting some hot spots on her face.  Off to the vet for some meds and the cone of shame.  She is not a fan of the cone of shame.

I decided to get some after work fishing in.  It was a good call.  Got my first musky by me in my boat since I got it last fall.  This musky crushed the fly on the surface and came fully out of the water.  It was not  a top water fly, but I lost a back cast and was stripping in the fly quickly with the rod tip raised so I could recast to the bank.  The current was a little faster and the fly was moving across the top of the water when a musky came out of the water for the fly and rolled on it.  Jacked him with a hook set and the dance to land the fish solo began. Nice to see some top water action.

Not a bad self timer photo.

The fly that got it done.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pond Action Heating Up

The local ponds have been fishing good the past couple days.  Crappie and bluegill starting to bed, bass in prespawn mode, lots of big bass cruising the shallows.

Unfortunately my allergies are heating up as well.....

Monday, May 4, 2015

Coffee Break

Had a few hours to burn Saturday and decided to head out to a near by trout stream for some coffee and brookies.  This stream is a tight rhodo choked stream, but has been a fun stream to fish.  You kind of have to fish this stream with the expectation of catching small trout, and a 6 to 7 inch trout is a big fish for this stream.  Stream has good bug life, but is a very shallow, low elevation stream and I just don't think it has enough water year around to sustain big fish. Brookies were looking up though and smacking dries Saturday.

This pool has always baffled me.  It is the deepest pool in the stream and a real oddity for the stream, but I have never caught a brookie on this pool!

Small fire to heat up some water.  Zippo and dryer lint tools of choice.

Can't beat some coffee to go with some trout.

Ferns out in force.

Good size trout for this stream