Friday, December 2, 2011

Sure beats a day of classes!

So me and a guy in the fly tying group I know hit a spring stream which produced the chunkiest average brookie day I have ever had.  Most of the streams I've fished around here in central VA have produced anorexic trout, but this stream was the opposite.  It was very cold first thing this morning, but turned out to be a gorgeous day.  The water was still a bit high from all the rain we've had, but a little high water sure beats low water when it comes to brookie streams.  Here is a picture of my big brookie of the day.

He shocked me when I pulled him out of the tiny pool.
The guy I was fishing with was throwing a Stimi with a zebra midge trailing and wasn't getting a single hit.  After seeing me pull two trout from a run he just fished, he caved and took my pink weenie I offered him earlier.  Next cast caught him this.

Sure beat my brookie as far as length goes.

Here is some more of the troot from da trip.

Overall it was a great  morning as far as fishing was concerned and an even greater day!