Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Trip Part 1

I try to go on at least a three day Spring and Fall fishing trip.  I was planning on taking the boat out on some rivers this year for musky, but the weather had other plans for me.  Virginia got slammed with rain and the rivers would not be clear in time for my trip.  Back up plan is obviously brook trout.  About the time I knew musky fishing was out of the question I get a phone call from a friend saying he has private access to a trout stream and wants to know when I can fish it with him.  Perfect.  Last Friday I made the drive over the mountains and fished a little brook trout and rainbow trout stream that was good to me last year.  The stream fished well.  Around noon, the trout stopped looking at the dropper and started looking at the dry.  The fishing was hot from noon to 2 pm. 

Fall is here.

Lost a nice fish in this pool.

Coffee, Pita bread, and Summer Sausage next to a big pool.

The colors on this rainbow trout rivals the stream brookies wearing their fall colors.

One of the bigger pools.  Managed to pull four fish from this pool.

Wonder what hides under this bridge?

Pulled this rainbow from the back of the pool.....

And this brookie from the top of the pool.

Another look at the troll beneath the bridge.

I then decided to call it a day around 4 pm as the wind picked up and the blue bird skies had slowed the fishing down.  It was a great start to the trip and I headed over another mountain ridge to my friends cabin.  To be continued.....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Specktacular Brookie

I went on a three day fishing trip with a friend this weekend and thought I'd share a quick picture of one of the most colored up brookies I have ever caught.  This fish I saw dart out of a run and swipe my dropper.  I immediately knew it was a good sized fish, but the colors are what really blew me away.  This prespawn male is wearing his Sunday best.

Full report will come in a couple days, but thought this brookie deserved his own post.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Some Fall Cleaning, Some Tying, and a Motor

It was time for a much needed desk cleaning/organizing.  My fly tying desk has been neglected over the past couple months and piled high with bucktail scraps, flashabou, and flies.  I finally broke down yesterday when the desk was looking like this:

And made it look back to what it was supposed to look like.

After that I tied up a striper fly and a musky fly.

Also got a motor for the boat this weekend.  My grandpa gave it to me and it was his dad's motor.  It got a tune up and made the haul from Michigan down to Virginia.  May have to try it out this weekend.