Friday, May 15, 2015

Second Musky of the Year.

Been a rough week.  The dog got some poisoning of some sort.  She has drooled profusely and slept 24/7 for 5 days, which resulted on her getting some hot spots on her face.  Off to the vet for some meds and the cone of shame.  She is not a fan of the cone of shame.

I decided to get some after work fishing in.  It was a good call.  Got my first musky by me in my boat since I got it last fall.  This musky crushed the fly on the surface and came fully out of the water.  It was not  a top water fly, but I lost a back cast and was stripping in the fly quickly with the rod tip raised so I could recast to the bank.  The current was a little faster and the fly was moving across the top of the water when a musky came out of the water for the fly and rolled on it.  Jacked him with a hook set and the dance to land the fish solo began. Nice to see some top water action.

Not a bad self timer photo.

The fly that got it done.

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