Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Musky Float

First off, thanks to the military servicemen who lost their lives serving the country and to all the people who have served in the military. 

Went on a musky float Monday and it was one of the oddest musky trips I've had.  Usually I can get a musky to eat a fly if it follows to the boat, and if it does peel off, odds are if you get another follow to the boat it will eat.  I usually will mess up the hook set or screw up on my part some how, but Monday we had 5 follows from 5 different fish and could not get them to commit to an eat.  One fish just hung out beside the boat and I switched flies 4 times and figured eight the fly in front of him with each fly.  Still a fun day on the river and getting the shaky legs seeing a big musky stalk your fly.


1 comment:

  1. The shaky legs... I have had them from big carp and huge brown trout. I think the first time I see a musky move to my fly I'll crumple like a deflating balloon.