Friday, April 10, 2015

A Few Spring Ramblings.

Spring is here finally.  I have a love hate relationship with Spring.  I enjoy the warmer after a cold long winter, bass start to get active, and trout begin looking up.  On the downside is allergies, rain, rain and more rain, blown out rivers, and yard work. 

I took the wife out last weekend for a little bit of musky fishing, but it was pointless fishing wise.  They must of been getting a lot of rain way upstream, or they must be generating a lot of water out of one of the reservoirs that run into the James river because there was about 6 inches of visibility.  Still nice to get the boat out with the wife.

Also been prepping my popper for this spring....if it will ever quit raining.  We have got over 2 inches in rain in the past couple days, which also means I can forget river fishing for a good two weeks.

And I still been tying the musky meat.

And yard work.  I decided to mulch up the leaves and mow the yard too with the John Deere.  I haven't used the dog chain since last fall and checked under the leaves for it.  I couldn't find it and thought I had removed it a while back.  I was wrong and my lawn mower found the chain.....

So like I said, love/hate relationship. 

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  1. Always fun to get out... I feel for you with the mower though. YIKES!