Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Well Protected Brookie

Hit a brookie stream for a couple hours on Monday.  The fishing was a little slower than usual, but it was still a great day to get out.  I came upon a nice deep hole in the back of an otherwise shallow pool.  The front of the pool was shallow, the middle was shallow, but the back of the pool had a log blocking it and created a nice 3 foot deep hole.  Perfect to be holding a nice trout.  Only problem is there was Rhododendron to the left and above the hole, brush to the right, Rhododendron behind me blocking my backcast, and a stick on the surface of the hole.  See picture below.

I broke out the good ole bow and arrow cast to land the fly a few feet above the stick, but there wasn't enough distance for the fly to get deep enough the first try.  So I stripped another foot of line from the reel and did the cast again, this time landing in the beginning of the deep run.  As soon as the fly drifted down to the stick my leader went tight and I was kindly rewarded by this stream.

By no means the bigger of the brook trout I've caught this year, but the challenge of getting to him makes it a memorable fish.

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