Saturday, December 27, 2014

Streamers for Browns.

Fished a new section of a good brown trout fishery we have here in Virginia.  Long day of tough wading and throw big streamers for browns.  Was able to get the skunk off fairly early with a good trout.  Moved a couple more fish, but wasn't able to connect again.  It was a warm winter day and a good day to get out though.

Cold morning frost to start the day.  It ended up being in the 50's though by mid day.

This brown crushed the streamer.

Some cheap gas is always good.


  1. All it takes is one good fish. That is good! The gas up here is still $2.30-$3

  2. Thanks. Gas has been around the $2 mark for a week now in Central VA. I know about three places that have it for $1.94 - $1.97