Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Revisiting a Stream

I have been wanting to hit this stream for a while now.  I scouted this stream once two years ago on a cold day and caught one decent brookie and had another good one come unbuttoned.  Knew this stream had potential to be good.  Hit this stream again back in January during the week of the polar vortex and it looked like this:


Ever since that day I have been wanting to revisit this stream and see how it managed over the winter last year and summer this year.  I was disappointed in the stream results but think it has potential to be good in a couple years again.  Here is what I think happened to this stream.  It is a fairly shallow, low gradient stream and I think the deep freeze did a number to this streams older trout.  I caught a lot of 4 inch trout, but nothing bigger was seen or spooked.  I really like a lot of things that are going for this stream though and will give it a couple of years before I fish it again.

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