Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brookie Streams Low Water

This past weekend VA got hit with a lot of rain and some cool temperatures.  I decided to hit a stream that had been good to me earlier this year.  Even with all the rain, the stream looked like this:

It was low to say the least.  It amazes me that fish can live in a stream like this.  I was catching 10 inch trout out there this spring and this has been a very mild and wet summer compared to the past five years.  Brook trout are a resilient fish.  I tossed a fly into a couple pools and caught a couple trout this size:

I'm eager to get back this fall and see what the normal stream flow is and how the larger trout did hiding under rocks.


  1. if a little 4 inch trout is going to eat a fly of that size... (12-14)? I'm starting to wonder why I make so many flies in size 18. I guess if I want to catch that large brook trout I've been dreaming about, I gotta tie it on a shark hook! Look how aggressive that guy was. Hahaa.

  2. They were very aggressive. I caught about 5 that size. All on a size 14 stimi.