Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Short story of a brookie

I've been back from a weekend trip for the past couple days and have been swamped with and busy with work and other neglected chores.  So I plan on getting the full trip report up but do not want to rush it as the trip was one filled with memorable moments with good friends.  I will set the scene though.  A friend and me were fishing a wild rainbow and brookie stream Saturday morning.  This stream was a rhodo choked stream with every deep pool giving up a fat health bow or brookie.  The bug life in this stream was amazing and the added wet summer this year has made the trout in this stream fat and healthy.  I was amazed by the quality of the fish in this trickle of a stream that is often over looked in this area. 

It was getting around 1 pm and had planned to meet back up with group we were staying with at 1:30 for fishing a second stream.  Unfortunately it is hard to leave a stream that is getting better and better as you go up it.  It got to the point were we had to get off the stream but there was about 4 or 5 good pools ahead and my friend and me both called a couple from a distance that we wanted to fish before we head off.  Occasionally the "one more fish" routine pays off, and I got luckily with the pool that I called to fish.  It was by no means the best pool we fished for the day.  It was a little plunge pool that was about 3 ft in diameter and a foot deep.  There were pools in this stream 15 ft long and 6 ft across so this was by no means an outstanding pool of the day.  I cast a sized 16 stimulator up into the white riffles leading into the pool and as the fly drifted past the white water and into the meat of the pool I had a little sip.  I was about 15 ft back so I did not get a good look at the fish as he took my dry.  As I set the hook the fish exploded with a long line of bright red/orange in the pool and my friend and me simultaneously said "that's a good fish".  After a short but good fight, I brought the brookie to the net and admired the fish with a couple picture for my future recollections. 

Friend's Photo of the fish.
 I will post up the whole report in a day or two but just wanted to share a story of this brook trout.  Thanks for reading.


  1. I saw your post on the forum. Nice fish. We should fish together sometime. How far are you from Pearisburg, VA? I've fished with Consumingfire and Doug before.

  2. I'm only 45 minutes from Roanoke so about 2 hours I'd say from Pearisburg. Sounds good. Shoot me a message on there sometime.

  3. Beautiful brookies, nicely done!