Monday, October 21, 2013

Brookie trip before the classes

I have some new classes that start up today for my MBA program and thought I should take advantage of a free afternoon after church to get in one last brookie trip before classes get in full swing, brookies spawn, and musky get active.  I plan on getting out for musky more with these cooler temps and leave the trout alone to spawn.  It was a nice day yesterday with the sun out and temps in the 60's.  I wet waded and it was about perfect.  I was able to catch some quality brook trout for the couple hours I was on the water.

An after church breakfast lunch.  Bacon and breakfast casserole.

Colors are starting to change slowly but surely.

Big brookie I managed to dredge up.

Hitch hiker

Perfect way to spend a crisp fall afternoon.  Thanks for reading.

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