Monday, August 19, 2013

Custom Flies for Sale

I am by no means a professional fly tyer but I do have experience.  Been kicking around the idea of tying flies to sell as it has been suggested by a lot of people I know.  So I'm starting off small, if anyone wants some flies tied for them just shoot me an email at jsvinson (AT symbol) (stupid email stealing bots).   Just let me know what flies you want.  Can be as simple as telling a pattern, target species, etc.  Can tie anything from trout dries, nymphs, Smallmouth flies, LMB flies, musky/pike (please buy these, I enjoy tying them!), and bluegill flies. I don't do saltwater flies as this area is not my expertise.  I'll give you a fair price for the materials that go into it and it'll be a quality fly that will last.  Just email me for a quote and I'll see what I can come up with to fit your specific needs.



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  1. Great site and flies. I'm following.