Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring is upon us.

With two consecutive days of sixty degree weather, I decided to head out Sunday afternoon for some brookies.  I brought my 2wt dry fly rod, but when I got to the stream, the snow had me second guessing my decision.  Luck for me though, the first pool I cast to confirmed that dries were the ticket.  Every pool I at least had one hit if not two or three brookies to hand.  I was expecting a few caddis coming off, but all I saw were stoneflies.  Switched from an elk hair caddis to a black stonefly and pulled two bigger guys with the pattern.  Fish acted like it was late April or May with the vicious dry fly attacks.  Great day on the stream to burn a couple hours. 

First brookie on a dry for 2013. What a beast.

Weird fishing a stream with snow on the ground and fish acting like it's late April.  I'll take it with pleasure though.  Thanks for reading.


  1. Can;t beat brook trout on the dry! Water still on the cold side here in New England

  2. I bet. Talked to some guys from around here and they had completely different results. Fish were sitting deep and hugging the bottom. Guess I got lucky and picked the right stream to fish.