Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Camping

My wife has been wanting to go out camping for a while now and with the fall colors starting to come in and the temperatures being pretty nice, we decided to camp Friday through Sunday afternoon.  My wife's requirements were clean bathrooms with a shower and running water at the camp site for cooking.  My requirements was a wild trout stream close by.  We managed to find a place that had vacancies and met all our requirements nicely.  This would be her first time camping in a tent and she surprisingly did well and she enjoyed it.  A couple things we learned is 1) setting up a campsite in the dark sucks. 2) Packing up in the rain sucks more. 3) Bring your own wood because the campground tries to rip you off.   Here are the pictures from this weekend.

As soon as the tent was up I had a fire going.

Wife's knee high socks.

Wife's definition of bike riding.

We ate good.

Snuck in a couple wild bows.

Biggest of the trip.

Big log = long fire

Wife's footie pajamas....for her defense it was cold, but still hilarious that she wore this in public.

Did I say we ate good?

Our campsite.

Local campground dog.

Fire was hot that night.  Thank goodness because it was in the low 40's.

Nothing better then sitting out by the fire until you run out of wood to burn.  It was a nice way to cap out the night.  If you noticed the big log is about gone in this picture.  Took 8 hours to burn down to this size.

Woke up Sunday morning to the sound of rain and came to the conclusion that packing up a tent in the rain is no fun.  I consider the camping trip a huge success and was pleased that my wife enjoyed her first tent camping experience.  I foresee that there will be plenty of more trips like this in the future.  Thanks for reading.

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