Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting Back.

I have not been out for wild trout in about a month and I have not been out for wild brook trout in about two months.....I was needing a fix.  After the rains from Monday and Tuesday I decided to run by a local stream by my apartment after work.  The stream I fished was almost back to normal water levels; which was very pleasing considering it was a trickle the last time I visited.  In an hour I caught 4 trout which was more then enough for me.  I was just glad to see the stream return back to normal levels.  No giants, but still wild trout and that is just what I needed.  It felt good to get back out on a tiny stream and cast a dry fly on a couple runs.

It was nice to get out and shake the rust off my 2 wt.  Thanks for reading.

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