Saturday, April 21, 2012

Half Day Trip

Went out this morning to fish a new stream I've been eying on the topos, unfortunately its all on private land.  Ended up knocking on a guys door and he was kind enough to let me fish his half mile section.  Ended up being a non brookie section.   I think they are just higher up.  The guy said he hasn't seen brookies down this low in a while.  Oh well.

On to creek number two.  Brookies on this stream were being little pricks today.  There were bugs hatching all over the place but not a single one was rising.  Tried dries for a long time, but only had a couple dinks rise.  After about an hour of messing around with dries I said forget it and tied on the tungsten.

Like I said, the brookies were being stubborn today, and most were smaller then the pictures above that I caught.  But I did finally end up catching one that was a little bit bigger.

Now time for some bug pictures.

No lie, found this guy on the bottom of a run.  Guess this is what a green weenie was invented for....

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Thanks Kevin. Currently sitting in class wishing I was back out there. Especially with finals week next week. Ugh

  2. Imagine days pre invasive trout for your brookies. It's cool to know they still are out there. Nice pictures, you know what you are doing.