Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Quick Half Day Outing

Sunday I managed to sneak out in the afternoon to entice a few brookies and have some coffee on a rare 65 degree February Day.  The water was high, sun was warming the water on every pool, and the air temp was t shirt approved.  There was even a strong mayfly hatch.  It would be a perfect combination for active brookies looking up.....wrong.  Most bizarre conditions and behavior I have ever experienced.  Trout were not in their obvious, suspected holding positions for a day like today.  My friend started out throwing dries due to the hatches on the water, but not even a sniff of his dry nor did I see a trout rise to any insects all day.  The mayflies picked a good day to come off the water.  Fishing was slow and every fish I caught came from multiple slow drifts at the head of pools.  That fly had to basically sit on the bottom of the pool for a good while before a fish would pick it up.  Even though the fish were few and far in between, it was a great day to be out on the water and enjoying a good cup of joe.

Wrapped up the day with some breakfast for dinner.  Not a bad way to round out a Sunday.


  1. Nice brookies, with great color for the time of year.
    Nice breakfast to.

  2. Thats a pretty neat old reel, is there a story behind it?