Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dog's First Fishing Trip

I have been busy with school and a vacation so fishing has been lacking the past couple weeks.  I decided that Sunday after my plane arrived from Florida I would hit a brookie stream.  Felt bad for leaving the dog under my brothers watch so I rewarded her for being good and putting up with him by taking her with me.  Catching fish was not a priority as I was just wanting to get outdoors and enjoy a little bit of God's country.  Here are some pictures.

Lots of treats were needed to coax her over log jams.

Tired pup.


  1. What a lovely dog. Wish my dog would join me but he just gets too amped up. Thanks for sharing and as always what beautiful fish you are able to catch.

  2. What a wonderful companion.
    Well done.

  3. If I took my dog fishing, even bullhead fishing, I wouldn't have caught anything.

  4. Thanks guys. Luckily she was skiddish about getting into any water past her ankles. I did make her get into some deeper water, but she wasn't thrilled about that. It may not be a bad thing though, because I kind of prefer her to not like jumping into deep pools haha.