Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Winter Scouting

Did a little winter scouting last Saturday in an section of Virginia mountains I have gone over on a map, but yet to explore.  I checked out three streams and it's tribs on Saturday and was pleasantly surprised.  I don't think there are going to be many 10 plus inch brookies pulled from these streams, but that isn't always what fishing is about.  Pretty streams these mountains hold.  One of the smaller streams I had a 10 inch brookie follow the nymph out of the deep pool he was sitting in.  I has in the tailout of the pool and the brookie took a swipe two feet from my feet.  I lift  the rod but the trout missed had the fly.  The trout just sat there holding off the bottom right under my nose in calm water.  I gently, while holding still, roll cast my fly back in front of him and he spooked back into his pool.  I thought he had saw me and now would be lock jawed.  I made another cast to the top of the pool and that same trout took the fly.  Can't believe he still ate after all that.  I unfortunately lost him after a short fight, but had him hooked long enough to see it was the same brookie.  Here are some pictures from the different streams.

Some snake skin

Probably the neatest rock wall I've seen and only one I've seen on a brookie stream.  I would love to know the history behind this.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've seen similar rock walls near old mill foundations. Is it possible that that wall was at one time a retaining wall (dam) that powered an up/down sawmill or a grist mill for a farm?

  2. The color of the water is stunning! reminds me of some streams I haunted back when I lived in PA.

  3. Hey man, great blog! I really enjoy finding blogs that are fairly local to me, Im over in King George, VA and I love fishing for brookies up in Shenandoah NP but I just don't get to make it out there very often.