Monday, February 4, 2013

Wishing for Spring.

Haven't been out in about three weeks so I gave Doug a call.  Wanted to find some streams close by to fish when I'm at the inlaws house.  Doug had a couple in mind that he hadn't had a chance to fish yet so I said lets go.  It was the warmest 20 degree fishing day I've ever had.  Actually had to shed a layer because I started to sweat.  First stream was promising and I think will fish great in the spring.  I moved one brookie that was big and caught another shortly after.  Due to the tough access, I think this stream holds big fish but they just holding deep and were lock jawed.  The rest of the afternoon we just drove around and checked out a few streams.  One we were going to fish until we saw how blown out it was.  Overall it was a good outing even with the lack of fish.

Stream 1:

Stream 2 AKA blown out stream:

Driving Scenery:

Thanks for reading and stay warm.

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