Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ending 2012 with Trout

Thought I'd end 2012 with some trout so on December 31st I hit a brookie stream.  Va has had lots of rain and even some snow in the mountains.  I wasn't expecting the snow to still be there though. The first stream I fished for two hours and didn't even have a single hit.  The snow had also melted and froze back over in the night and it was about two inches of ice all on the ground.  Made hiking into the stream and out interesting.  I busted my tail several times.  I knew I had to be on a stream that was farther down the mountain.  Stream number two proved my thinking was right with a nice brookie in the first pool.  Glad my back up stream saved the trip.

Stream 1

Snow covered rocks made for fun wading.

Tiny black stoneflies were hatching.

Stream 2

Nothing huge but a very nice way to close out 2012.  Hope you all have a great 2013.


  1. Awesome fish. Those tiny black stone flies have been the ticket right now. I wonder what their range is. They are popular in the border area between VA and NC.

  2. Every time there is snow on the ground in VA, I can count on seeing some black stones on the small streams. The brookies yesterday on stream 1 could care less about the stoneflies, they were lockjawed on the bottom.

  3. Your Grandfather, Terry gave me your blog address. I have read all of them, and really enjoyed it. We summer near Blairsville, Ga and love flyfishing the surrounding streams and the GSMNP. We also have a blog: johnjoan.blogspot.com. We met your GF and GM camping. Nice folks. Take care!
    John & Joan