Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Musky Flies

I'll be trying my luck at catching one of those toothy critters this fall.  This is thanks to a few guys I know from a local group and from the Internet who have really perked my interest in catching a musky.  This is a big change from the little brookies I consider my favorite fish to target.  I hope to get out this Saturday and do a float for them, but its still up in the air as to if it'll happen. I'm borrowing a friends 9 wt (I do have an 8 wt) and if I take a liking to it I may be buying a 10 wt soon.  These big flies sure are time consuming and are a whole lot bigger then the size 22 midges I was tying last week.  I have been tying articulated flies on two 2/0 hooks.  Not the prettiest things I've ever tied, but I'm pleased with them so far.

Started off small (for a musky fly)

And worked my way up to two 2/0 hooks.

My tying station after only tying two flies.  Looks like I butchered a flock of  chickens.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll start working on my 10,000 cast for a musky soon.

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