Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wedding Registry, Rain, Thunder, and Brookies

Saturday I had to go down to Roanoke and do pre martial counseling and a gift registry with my fiancee. My plan was 10 to 10:45 Counseling, 11 to 1 gift registry, 1 to 2 lunch with finance and her family, and 3 to 7 fishing.  What really happened was 10 to 10:45 counseling, 11 to 3 gift registry, 3 to 4 "Linner" with her family, and 5 to 5:45 fishing.  I had a throbbing headache, and was just about to starve to death during the gift registry.  Only fished for as long as I did due to the thunder and rain that broke loose shortly after I got there.

Still managed to catch 4 in the short 30 to 45 minutes I fished, so can't complain about that.  Saw tons of march browns with some being as big as size 10 and 12. Water was still too high from the rain though to use dry flies.  I'm so ready to catch them on dries!  Another note to make is its only March and I'm already wet wading.  Its been a crazy winter.  Here are a few brookies for your time reading.

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