Saturday, September 3, 2011

I haven't posted up a report here in a while, so here are some pics from a couple local Lynchburg ponds I've hit up.

Nothing spectacular, but they are fish and enough to hold me over until syllabus shock is over and I get back in the routine of classes.

This is a picture of a back of a car that made my night!

And today I went down to the James river with my brother to fish a little and cook a few brats.   Made my first fire using a flint so that was a first for me.  Nothing big today at the James, but just wanted to get out and pester a few bass and gills with the fly rod.

The dreaded hike back to the jeep........Boy am I getting out of shape.  My freshman year in college when I still wrestled and was in shape this hike was nothing, but now that I'm in my senior year and have been out of wrestling for two years, I hate the hikes back.

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