Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Time Warmwater

Here is a little update and pictures from some warmwater pond and lake outings in July.  Been pretty busy with work and an online class, but still have been able to get out to fish about 3 to 4 times a week.  On the exception of Saturdays, all of my fishing has been done in the evening right before dusk, so I have been throwing a lot of topwater to gills and bass.  I've gotten into some big bream and a lot of bass.  Have yet to catch a bass over two pounds yet this summer, but still hoping I can make it happen soon.  Here are some pictures from the last two or so weeks.

Thanks for reading and I promise I haven't turned into a Warmwater only fly fisherman!  Living on the south side of Atlanta for the summer makes heading up to north Georgia bluelines hard when you also factor in the full time job and an online class.  It's killing me.  But planning on heading up to the mountains of North Georgia next weekend for a much needed day trip.  Till then I have a little mountain stream with 6 inch brookies on my mind!  

Take care, Jacob


  1. Nothing wrong with warmwater. Brookies will be there in the fall when you come back to them. Sometimes it is good to catch something else. Anyone biting on the Purple Night Stalker?

  2. Yup, Check the write up in the June Pond Report. Its a great fly and I'm still catching bass and bream on it!