Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Warmwater Fishing

For spring break this I went back home to Georgia for lots of relaxing and farm pond fishing.  Really enjoyed fishing the ponds that over two years ago I was learning how to cast at.  I got to fish four days during my spring break and largemouth bass and big bream were on the agenda.  I only used two fly rods, my 9' 7 weight and my 6'6'' 4 weight.  I mainly used my 7 weight since it was longer and I can control and cast further in the wind, but did break out my shorter 4 weight for one day (which I found out is very fun to catch bass and bluegill on).  The weather was perfect all break with temps hanging around 70's and 80's so the bass were in prespawn phase and saw a couple already on their beds.  Got to say though, the big bluegill were definitely the highlight of spring break. I caught one massive bluegill that put a bigger bend in my fly rod than any other fish I caught
all break.  I was using a #10 cajun tickler and I cast it parrellel to the bank, and as soon as it hit the water there was a "v" wake and my line twitched.  I must of cast right on top of him and quickly set the hook and knew I had a good fish on.  He put a big bend in my 7 weight and made me think I had a good size bass on my line!  Got the bluegill pictured to the left 5 feet to shore and was shocked it was a fiesty bluegill.  He had me fooled.  The bluegill I caught over break has reconfirmed the fact that pound for pound, bluegill are some of the hardest fighting fish.  I totaled about 4 small bass and about a dozen bluegill over spring break.  Can't wait for spring and summer warmwater fishing when the big bass get a little more active.  Down below I've included a few more pictures and fish from break.

Another view of the bluegill above.

Small farm pond bass

Bass modeling my cajun tickler with orange legs.   

Another decent sized bluegill.

Big Bluegill I caught on my 4 weight.

Murky underwater shot.

Last Shot of fishing before leaving Georgia for School in Va.


  1. Awesome! I love farm pond fishing. I got say I am jealous as here in MD it is raining and cold. Did you tie the tickler yourself? I have been thinking about tying some up myself.

  2. Yes I did. The cajun tickler is a polish style weave for the body with embroidery thread. It's one of my favorite warmwater flies to tie.

  3. Great Blog, keep me in mind if you ever do another warm water fly swap.