Friday, March 31, 2017

Searching for Water

Virginia, like much of the south, has been hurting for some much needed rain.  As I type this though, he have received 1 inch of rain so far and could get up to another inch by the end of today.  However, last weekend the WV/VA border was about the only area in VA that had good water levels.  I snuck over to that side of VA in hopes my intel of the water levels were correct.  Ended up being a good call with several dozen fish caught and a very nice average size as well.  Fish weren't looking up yet, but they were very actively feeding subsurface.

Rattlesnake Orchid

Spotted Wintergreen

Big male brookie of the trip.  Hammered my fly.

Streamside lunch and coffee

Up high there was lots of new fallen trees. 

Still got into some nice fish though in the pools high up that I've never fished.


  1. Lovely my friend.
    Your choice of stream side vittles are to be commended.

    1. I think you'd agree with me, life is too short to eat a peanut butter or a bologna sandwich.

  2. It feels like you and BrkTrt attended the same culinary school. I get hungry reading both of your posts more often than not!

    Awesome looking trip afield!

  3. The only this that makes me drool more than that stream side snack are the par marks and spots on those fish! Gorgeous!

  4. Looks like you had a great day, I'd still like to get together one of these days and do some fishing!

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