Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Elevation Gains Suck

Decided to hit a new stream this past weekend that has been on my radar for a while, but access is tough.  Access from bottom is obsolete and you have to access this stream from the top at 3,600 ft elevation.  There was a 2,000 ft elevation loss to get onto this stream and round trip total of 6 miles was hiked, all for a stream that I wasn't even sure had trout on it.  
Old hunting shack or logging compound.

Old dam.
Guessing this is how the loggers gathered some water up at the top.

There is nothing better than fishing a new stream you are not sure holds trout and landing a brookie.

Old boiler.

Good size trout for this size stream.

It was a successful outing, but I need to reevaluate access points on this stream.  My legs hurt for days after this trip.  There is 600 ft of elevation gain in a couple hundred yard stretch that about killed me. 


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  1. Thats really cool. What a neat venue to fish - and good exercise getting in there to boot! Plus, those trout are gorgeous. Something about your So-Ap trout. Just different shading than our No-Ap trout. Both are gorgeous, the southern ones you post are just different to me and so dang pretty!