Monday, May 16, 2016

Second Breakfast

I hit a stream that has been on my radar for a while but have not yet had a chance to fish it.  This stream is an odd one as it has some grey property/national forest issues.  Bottom of the stream is private land, but there are National Forest markers on the tree.  Best I can tell is the Forest Service has a small sliver of land going up to their fire road that follows the stream.  I think the land owner thinks he owns it all and has run barbed wire across the stream and trees into National Forest land in several different spots.  If it has National Forest markers on the trees, it is fair game in my books.

Example of the Barbwire and National Forest Marker.

Dry/Dropper double.

Was not expecting a falls this big on the stream.  Nice Surprise.


Coffee and Sausage Biscuit Break

I did end up walking right into an unseen barbwire fence.  Was covered by some downed limbs and leaves.  Luckily I forgot my wading socks that day and had to wear my waders I had in my car.  I was very ungrateful sweating in those waders all day until I kicked that barbwire fence.

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  1. That's a really neat looking stream! Seeing the falls, and the size of them... Has this stream been stocked from above or do the trout make it up stream some how? I could see it with brookies given they would be native, but with bow's, it's amazing to see them above such large falls. Very cool though!