Monday, December 28, 2015

December Post Christmas Brookies

Been a while since I've been out fishing.  Decembers are normally busy for me with Christmas festivities and other obligations, but throw in a new job, housing being up for sale, and a 6 month old and you get even busier.  But I managed to sneak away the day after Christmas.  With all this rain VA has been receiving I decided to hit something high elevation.  It rained most of the day Saturday and put my new Stetson to the test.  I was impressed with how the hat made it seem like it wasn't even raining out.

Managed to catch a few on a Stimi.  Guess a 70 degree December day will get the trout looking up.

New hat, what I was packing, and lunch. 

Managed to drudge up this pretty fish with a heavy tungsten fly.  Worked the pool first with and dry/dropper and pulled a few smaller fish.  Switched to the heavy stuff to see what was lurking on the bottom.

This little guy took a size 12 fly.....

Stream was up quite a bit.

Crazy to see anything green sprouting this time of year.

Coffee break.

Most colored up brookie of the trip.

Cheers until next time.

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