Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Some Winter Skunkage

It's been a while since I've been skunked trout fishing.  Usually I can dredge up a few trout no matter what the conditions are.  Fished a stream that has been good to me in the past and I think the 2.5 ft of snow and brutally cold water temps were just too much.  Didn't see any trout.  I also have a new hated outdoor activity.....hiking in snow.  There is no graceful way to hike in over 2 ft of snow.  Hidden rocks/logs under the snow make for great tripping obstacles.  Looks like from foot prints that one guy fished it yesterday.  From what I can tell he got in the river at the parking lot, fished a hundred yards, said forget it, and hiked out.  I am more thick headed than that though and spent all day out there.  Still just a nice day to be out on a pretty stretch of water.  It isn't always about the fish.

Baldface Hornet Nest

Little black stoneflies were every where.

Dead doe.  Didn't see a gun shot wound.  Starve to death?

Fritter and coffee to end the day.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Really solidifies the "boil water first" rule huh?

  2. Yes, prime reason why you do not drink unpurified stream water even though it looks like clean spring water.

  3. I've seen a few remnants as such. Been tough.