Monday, November 12, 2012

November Dry Fly Action

Had a friend who came up from North Carolina for a weekend of camping and brookie fishing.  Managed to sneak off for a couple hours on Sunday to join him and show him around my local streams.  I saw a few odd ball October Caddis hatching, but besides that nothing really coming off the water.  Saw a couple rises from some brook trout and they seemed to still be looking up on this rather warm November day.  I picked the perfect day to sneak off and it was probably my last trip of the year I could wet wade and fish dries. I stuck with a size 14 stimi all day and my friend stuck with a tungsten pink weenie. 

Highlight of the trip was catching the brookie above in a glass calm pool on a dry fly.  My friend spotted a big brookie holding behind a log 15 ft in front of us.  It was a little out of his reach with his tight lining technique and the tungsten hitting the water in the still pool would of probably spooked him.  I didn't see the fish, but my friend directed my cast.  On the second drift (which was luckily perfect) he came up and sipped my stimi in slow motion.  It is a clip that I replay in my head here at work and puts a smile on my face.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

What to do with my wife's left over steak from the night before........

Make the breakfast of champions (bagel, egg, cheese, and steak)

Friend working a pool.

About the average size.

My friends big fish of the day.

Wish I could of been here for this caddis hatch.

Came home and the wife had went all out on the Christmas decorations! WAY TOO EARLY!

Perfect way to spend a Sunday evening.

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