Thursday, June 16, 2011

June Pond Report

It's been a little while since I've posted my last report so here are a couple pics of what I've been catching on some Georgia ponds.

This gill was missing an eye.

Hungry little bass who thought he was a big bucketmouth.  This popper was one J from Jand M flies gave me, Thanks!

Close up of the fly I'm experimenting with.

Thanks for reading and more reports coming soon.  


  1. There used to be a giant bluegill that had one eye in one of the lakes here. He was a monster gill too. He had one eye and a messed up mouth. I've caught him I don't know how many times. He would always hang around one spot. Good catches though! By the way, this is jhammer from the FTF in case you wondered hahaha!

  2. Hey, seen you around FTF. Funny you said something about missing half a lip because yesterday I was fishing the same pond and caught a bluegill that was missing his whole bottom lip and it was a fresh wound too. Didn't keep him from smacking my fly though haha